Monday, July 8, 2013

Literature Review (Ethan Ng)

  • Investigation on effects of various beverages on probiotics(Lactobacilius)

  • Beverages do affect probiotic growth and we expect less than 50% of them terminated.


Lactobacillus are bacteria which are rod shaped. They are generally considered to be beneficial to the body, as some strains posess potentially anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial properties. They are also considered as probiotics. Such probiotics are often used in clinics and hospitals to replenish good bacteria populations after patients suffer illnesses which deteriorate bacterial colonies in the stomach, intestines etc.

As these probiotics are often treated as supplements to increase or maintain health, we wanted to find out if such supplemental regiments would be affected by common everyday drinks, such as sodas, milk, tea, coffee, and energy drinks. Thus from the effects we could then see and perhaps recommend or advise against the intake of the said drinks whenever a patient was taking any probiotic supplements.


As such we chose the 5 drinks mentioned above as they were regular, common drinks people take in their daily routines and that if any of the said drinks were found to have an effect increasing growth of the Lactobacillus, they could then easily be acquired and used to increase the effectiveness of the probiotic drinks. This investigation is also one which has not been explored in any major conceivable tests and is one that is relevant and useful, and such, it was chosen.

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