Friday, July 5, 2013

3 Possible Projects (Cont.)

3 Possible Projects

Title Research Question Independent Variable Dependent
Investigation on factors affecting effectiveness
of a propellor.
Does the angle of blades affect the effectiveness of the propellor? Angle of blade tilted. (°) Speed of propellor. (m/s) 1. Power given to propeller.
2. Material of blades.
3. Length of blades.
4. Type of motor used.
Investigation on effects of different antibiotics on good bacteria.  Do different antibiotics have different effects on good bacteria?  Antibiotics used. (mg) Amount of bacteria left. (µm) 1. Amount of antibiotics used.
2. Temperature of experiment.
3. Constant type of bacteria tested.
Investigation on factors affecting rate of solar desalination.  Does the amount of light affect the rate of solar desalination? Light Intensity. (Lux) Amount of water desalinated. (ml) 1. Location of experiment.
2. Constant amount of saltwater.
3. Temperature of experiment.

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